Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Vienne Chan, Obsessive Possessive Aggression & International Dance Terrorist Organisation

by Marko Gutić Mižimakov


Split into fractions of micro and macro involvement and influence, our group operated on two levels.

(1) We investigated how power moves between different actors in a space designed to encourage participation, and how the space responds to unscripted actors. To what extent is culture already closed and how can it be opened to non-normalized notions of culture? We attended a conference about culture in Duisburg, testing participatory limits and met with people working on inter-cultural politics in the Ruhrgebiet region.

(2) Under the pretense that there is not enough time and attention given to touch/touching Studio 2 became a space where it was possible to create conditions to invite other residents, PACT staff or whoever might pass by in order to give time and opportunity to come in touch with what we (all of us) are doing at the residency - through an experiment with touch. The touch of skin and the touch of our clothes on the skin and through that touch our clothes becoming the air around us, the sound, the walls of Studio 2, the objects in it, the relations of people that make it, etc.

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