Agata Maszkiewicz



Insight to her residency by Agata Maszkiewicz // Studio 3

When I started to work on this new piece, I came across a quote of Roland Barthes:

›A frequent image: that of the ship Argo (luminous and white), each piece of which the Argonauts gradually replaced, so that they ended with an entirely new ship, without having to alter either its name or its form.‹ 

This quote gave me a wish to challenge the image of the Argo boat by applying this metaphor to the theatre space. I decided that in the upcoming piece, we (the creators) will become the Argonauts, going for our journey on the Argo boat (the show), gradually replacing all of the possible elements of the performance (light, music, bodies, dance, text etc). The principle of replacement opens a vast possibility of playing with different genres, aesthetics, movement qualities, music styles, art forms that could find their place in the same piece. One after or next to each other, creating some surprising combinations. Challenging ours and audience notion of taste, habits of thinkings, ability of creating senses. 

During the residency in PACT, we tried out the strategy of ›LISTING‹. For 10 days Olivier Normand, Christophe Demarthe, Vincent Tirmarche and I, we launched ourselves onto a trip of creating, imagining, composing, representing, choreographing lists of everything that surrounds us, of ourselves, of others. We ended up with an endless list of lists, of good mornings, of categories, of beginnings, of A’s, etc... And at last with an idea for the dramaturgy of our show that became a ’to do list’ in itself. A list in which every element can be replaced by another element, or another list, or another beginning, or another end etc. 

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