Xavier Le Roy
Untitled (2014)

  • Fri 14.11.14 20 h
  • Sat 15.11.14 20 h

Every theatre situation entails a random temporary community that follows it own rules: strangers meet up to sit more or less passively in the dark while watching others doing things in the light. In his latest work, French choreographer Xavier Le Roy has created three short pieces that try to displace the dividing lines between the public and the actors, fiction and reality, object and subject.

Each of the pieces – they could be entitled: the conference, the spectacle, and the concert – hinge on the loss, disappearance, or death of an essential protagonist. The words and actions are motivated by the need to reconstruct with the remaining elements rather than to set out and find or replace what’s missing. The actors and the public are subsequently engaged in mourning and conversations whose transformations try to turn melancholy, loss, or death into driving forces. These movements yield fictions that produce strange and unsettling situations.

Join Xavier Le Roy in conversation with Petra Roggel and Stefan Hilterhaus at PACT on Saturday 08.11.2014 at 16:00 h 
Entrance to the talk is free


Concept, performance: Xavier Le Roy
Technical director: Bruno Moinard
Mannequins: Coco Petitpierre
Rehearsal assistant: Scarlet Yu
Organisation: Vincent Cavaroc, Fanny Herserant - Illusion &Macadam

Production: Le Kwatt
Co-production: Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris), Festival d'Automne 2014 (Paris), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Kaaitheater (Brussels) Festival Theaterformen (Hannover)
Le Kwatt is supported by: Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile-de-France 



28.03.2019, CND, Paris (DE)
15. + 16.02.2019, Kampanile, Hamburg (DE)
24.08.2018, Tanznacht, Berlin (DE)
21.07.2016, ImpulsTanz, Wien (AT)
14.10.2015, Theatre Confrontations Festival, Lublin (PL)
03. + 04.07.2015, Festival Theaterformen, Hannover (DE)
16. + 17.05.2015, Teatro Maria Matos, Lissabon (PT)
23. - 25.04.2015, Live arts week, Xing, Bologna (IT)
24. + 25.03.2015, Kaaitheater, Brüssel (BE)
08. - 13.12.2014, Théâtre de la cité internationale, Paris (FR)
14. + 15.11.2014, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)


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