Und so blieb man eben für immer (And so one just remained forever)
Reading and discussion with Esra Canpalat and Jehona Kicaj

  • Thu 29.02.24 19 h

Free admission

Viktoriastraße 5
45327 Essen

Free admission, Registration: werkstadt@pact-zollverein.de

»These are stories we encounter every minute on the street. Stories that have long breathed beneath a silence. This collection eases the heart of empathy.« — Dinçer Güçyeter

The Zeche Zollverein, Katernberg, Essen, and the entire Ruhr District have long been repositories of the stories and experiences of so-called »guest workers.« However, their narratives seldom receive attention, as was the case in 2021, when the topic briefly gained public interest on the 60th anniversary of the recruitment agreement. In light of this, we are delighted to invite author Esra Canpalat, along with one of the publication’s editors, Jehona Kicaj, to a reading from the book ›Und so blieb man eben für immer‹ followed by a discussion.

The anthology brings together prose contributions, essays, poems, personal accounts, and photographs that engage with so-called »guest workers« and their children from various perspectives. It is not about a historical representation of data and facts or an evaluation of political decisions but rather about personal experiences, introspection, and inviting empathy. ›Und so blieb man eben für immer‹ makes a significant contribution to addressing the topic of guest labor from different perspectives and integrating it into the collective memory.

After the event, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase the book and have it personally signed by the participating contributors.

Free admission, Registration: werkstadt@pact-zollverein.de


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