Tuba Tunçak / Joachim Hecker / Duo Doyna
›The Physics of Music‹

  • For children Experimental show for curious people ages 6 to 99
  • Sat 24.02.18 15 h
  • Sun 25.02.18 12 h

Adults 6 € / children 3 €

In German

Tickets 24.02. 15h Tickets 25.02. 12h

Physics becomes an adventure in the crazy and colourful stage shows presented by Joachim Hecker and his team, in which young scientists are invited to engage in experiments of their own. This show revolves around the theme of sound and music. What do we hear with our ears and how does that work? What is the difference between a tone and a sound? Why do instruments sound so different, even when they are playing the same tone? How is an instrument tuned, and what does that have to do with physics? Do we hear things that others can’t hear? Can we make tones visible? Questions upon questions and a musical-science show full of answers. After this experience, people will hear music with different ears and attend concerts with different eyes.

Moderator Tuba Tunçak, science entertainer Joachim Hecker and the Duo Doyna of Annette Maye and Martin Schulte accompany the audience on a scientific journey through the world of music – an exciting stage show that will engage the entire audience and astonish both young and old.

From and with: Tuba Tunçak, Joachim Hecker, Duo Doyna (Annette Maye und Martin Schulte)





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