Pantha du Prince
429 Hz Formen von Stille

  • Sun 26.06.22 17 h

Founded by Hendrik Weber, Formen von Stille Ensemble explores a deep connection to nature through a quiet and contemplative aesthetic.

Instrumental sources of acoustic exploration are new self-developed instruments (gongs, platebellsand monochords), early music instruments (viola da gamba, violoncello and baroque harp) and electroacoustic sound combination machines. In his collaboration with the musicians, Weber creates a completely unaffected, unbiased setting where an immediate intention encourages the musicians to search for new sounds and musical flow.

The four musicians connect with silence, from which they draw the new sounds, rather than from traditional compositional processes. They assume that nature is a musician who plays along. With the 429 hz pure intonation tuning, sounds become more directly perceptible as a physical experience and establish a kind of trance state. The ensemble and the concertgoers form a unified resonance space with the sound bodies, and thus experience new sound worlds together, non-hierarchically. 

Artistic Direction & Instruments: Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince (Berlin), Musicians: Giovanna Pessi – Barockharfe, Hendrik Weber – div., Hartwig Groth – Viola da Gamba, Friedrich Paravicini - Violoncello

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