PACTPACKAGE for Students:
Programme 2019

This season we are once again offering a series of PACTPackages for students in the form of workshops and discussions in accompaniment to selected events on our programme.

To take part in a PACTPackage for students you need to register by email at least five days before the event. Simply send a short email to with “PACTPackage (number…)” in the subject line.

1 PACTPackage = 1 Performance + Workshop/Artist discussion = 9 EUR
(places subject to availability)

PACTPackage #1:

SAT 09.02., 13 - 15.30 h
Workshop: Ian Kaler (Choreograph)


SAT 09.02., 20 h
Show: Ian Kaler / Cullbergbaletten, ›ON THE CUSP‹

Eva Würdinger