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In German

19.30 h
Talk with Katharina Nocun, in German


In a short introductory talk before the screening, the publicist, civil rights activist and author Katharina Nocun (Fake Facts. Wie Verschwörungstheorien unser Denken bestimmen‹, Quadriga 2020) addresses basic questions surrounding conspiracy narratives: what is a conspiracy narrative? How do I recognize one? And why are they experiencing such popularity during the Corona Crisis?


20 h
Arne Vogelgesang
›This Is Not A Game. Eine kurze Geschichte von Q als Mindfuck-Spiel‹
Video essay, in German

Rooted in the ›QAnon‹ conspiracy theory, a political narrative hailing Donald Trump as a fighter against a criminal collusion of blood-drinking elites also became popular in Germany in the course of the Corona pandemic. As a result, lateral thinkers and other demonstrators were seen chanting QAnon slogans and banners with the letter ›Q‹ appeared repeatedly.

With the spread of the QAnon myth, observers have repeatedly pointed out that it is based on a game principle that has parallels to so-called "alternative reality games". 

Such games are characterized by a blend of real and fictional elements as part of a transmedia narrative. As a hybrid art form that combines performative, playful, and network-specific methods, ARGs engage their players through shared research and exchange, using the individual lives of the players as their true gaming platform.

In this way, ARGs can organize highly active and surprisingly endurable communities in a short time. In ›This is not a Game‹, Arne Vogelgesang traces the astonishing parallels between the narrative strategies of ARGs and the emergence of conspiracy theories and unearths how this relatively young form of interactive narrative can help us better understand the success and appeal of QAnon. 

Vogelgesang's video essay summarizes the history, background and gaming mechanisms of the ›QAnon‹ phenomenon in the context of US politics and illustrates these with video excerpts and screenshots. Even if Donald Trump was voted out as president, the example of QAnon can help shed light on the larger phenomenon of fictionalization, gamification and fragmentation of political reality.

21 h
Artist Talk with Arne Vogelgesang, moderated by Inke Arns, in German

In conversation with Inke Arns (Director, HMKV Dortmund), Arne Vogelgesang discusses his artistic practice and research on QAnon. Viewers can ask questions live in the Vimeo chat or send them in via PACT‘s website.

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