Maja Göpel & Dota Kehr
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  • Thu 23.06.22 20:30 h

The way we live will change fundamentally. Things we have taken for granted about the environment, economy, politics, society and technology are crumbling. Nevertheless, transformation researcher Maja Göpel offers courage. Based on scientific findings, she explains how we can understand such complex developments and use this knowledge for a better world. History has always seen great transformations. They were triggered by us humans - so we can shape them too. Who do we want to be?

Since every revolution begins with song, Maja Göpel will spend the evening in the company of musician Dota Kehr. Kehr and her band stand for German pop with substance. Political, poetic, humorous, they are committed to peace, sustainability and a better society.

With: Maja Göpel, Dota Kehr, Jan Rohrbach, Artistic direction: Nicola Bramkamp, Artistic collaboration: Daniel Breitfelder

Produced by: SAVE THE WORLD e.V. im Rahmen von „endlich.“ dem Augsburger Klimafestival am Staatstheater Augsburg.

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