Rainer Behr

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Rainer Behr, dancer with the Wuppertaler Tanztheater, accepted a commission from the Tanzlandschaft Ruhr to create a new work with a cast of seven dancers. This production represented his much anticipated return to choreography after a break of five years in which he has concentrated on his own performing career.

Seen through the eyes and actions of a company of seven young dancers, his new work is an exploration of the contrasting human conditions of intimacy and isolation that is charged with both reticence and sheer unadulterated joy.

Choreography and direction: Rainer Behr
Dancers: Gilles Baron, Mu-Yi Kou, I-Fen Lin, Francesca Peniquel, Davide De Robertis
Kenji Takagi, Dominique Wenzel

Choreographic assistant: Kathleen Rylands

Set design: Georgia Zervoulakos de La Forge

Light design: Ingo Reinhard

Music: Stephan Schneider-Reuter

Produktion der Tanzlandschaft Ruhr mit einem regionalen Choreographen

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