Forum II – A new modell for policy in the 21st century: The donut economy

  • Fri 24.06.22 11 h – 12:30 h

Free admission

In the face of the climate and biodiversity crises and increasing social polarization, the public is ready for a fundamental rebalancing of our economy. In the G-20 countries, 74% of the population is convinced that their country's priorities should go beyond profit maximization to a greater focus on human well-being and environmental protection (Global Commons Alliance 2021).

The central question is: How can this be achieved? After all, profit and wealth maximization as the compass of 20th century economic policy are not sufficient to fulfill the stated goals - so a new direction is urgently needed. In his lecture followed by a discussion, Jakob Hafele, an expert on the socio-ecological transformation of the economy, presents the Donut Economy. It focuses on models for a good life for all within planetary boundaries and thus offers orientation for a sustainable economy of the 21st century.

In German 

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