The Düsseldorf Düsterboys

  • Sun 30.06.24 19 h

Peter Rubel and Pedro Goncalves Crescenti are known to many music enthusiasts not only as the unmistakable voices of the Düsterboys but also as those of their sister band, International Music. Their tender guitar accompanied word exchanges, their seamless transitions between harmony and lead vocals, and their evident devotion to the music create the impression that they are doing more than just playing a few songs together. This natural ease, despite melancholic undertones, is due in no small part to the familiarity between the two, who have known each other since their youth, but also to how excellently they complement each other. While Pedro is drawn to literature, Peter focuses on composing for larger ensembles.

Seemingly carefree, they allow their audience to share in their associative leaps, descriptions of everyday life and poetry, between pillows and metaphysics, or, as the Düsterboys and their album opener ›Stars/Sternchen‹ put it: »So much said, so many clouds. In my room, half a day goes by! Take me higher!«

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