The ABC embroidery and darning

with Ekaterina Haak

  • Sat 24.09.22 14 h – 18 h

Free admission

Viktoriastraße 5
45327 Essen

WhatsApp: 0171 9766389

Your favorite top has a hole, or a stain in a highly visible place. Oh no! And you no longer wear it but simply can’t bring yourself to throw it away? You’re so right! Your favorite jeans have a tear and you’re horrified by the idea of spending hours hunting for a new pair that fits? Hardly surprising!

Why not attend the workshop Ekaterina Haak will lead at the WerkStadt on Sept. 24, 2022, and learn all the basics of darning? Transform that annoying stain into a colorful spread of flowers, discover Sashiko, a centuries-old Japanese textile repair tradition, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of weaving. Ekaterina will show you practical darning tricks using simple instruments so that you can easily repair your favorite clothes items at home.

The workshop is aimed at beginners and all the materials needed will be provided. Advanced darners can use the sewing machine. Bring your worn-or-torn clothes items with you, for example T-shirts, woolen pullovers, jeans or kids’ pants, and using simple techniques give them a new lease of life.

WhatsApp: 0171 9766389

Portrait von Ekaterina Haak

Ekaterina Haak is a designer, embroidery artist, and upcycler based in Mülheim. For the last three years she has been closely addressing the topic of ›Visible Mending‹ as a form of art and activism. To this end, the communication designer relies on historical and modern techniques to make consciously visible repairs, create textile illustrations, and draw attention to the impact of a world based on built-in obsolescence.

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