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100 Advertisements
Eng Kai Er

›100 Advertisements‹ is an ongoing project where I create advertisements for imaginary products or services that people - honestly, myself - might wish for. The project started in March 2020. (Well, you know what happened in Germany in March 2020, I guess!) The project is a personal documentation of the times - part Corona-diary, part wishful thinking.

Abstrakte Architektur
Wiebke Meischner

Some of the geometric shapes in ›Abstrakte Architektur‹ (2019) call to mind a spaceship that has landed in a lonely desert. Building facades and elements have been photographed in such a way as to create monumental appearances that move between reality and sculpture. The reduction of references to scale blurs the boundaries to reality and viewers are invited to form their own associations.

Landing Day
Stefania Smolkina

The video installation ›Landing Day‹ deals with the symbolic meaning of planting trees. This ritual act is often seen as a symbol of peace and beauty and is therefore remarkably often used as an element of political representation. During the last decades the idea of large-scale planting of trees became widely accepted as a simple, relatively inexpensive and effective method of combating global warming.

Mother of All Fictions
Interview with Walter Solon

The short film ›Mother of All Fictions‹ is the story of a failed film project. 2016: South American filmmaker Walter Solon travels to Los Angeles. His goal is to write a script based on the biography and mythology around his great aunt Lina Mosebach. Lina had migrated to Los Angeles from Germany after surviving the Holocaust and spending her teenage years with Walter’s great grandparents in South America.
Alessandra Ferreri, Joshua Vanhaverbeke, Matteo Sedda / Vitamina

›‹ is a digital performance in which we experiment with the codes of social media platforms to create the narrative of a choreography, exploring new possibilities of presenting work during these challenging times.

Brigitte Huezo, iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo und Beomseok Jeong

The project investigates the question of how dance portraits can be used to deal choreographically with queer concepts of identity. The classical portrait familiar to art historians is representation-oriented. What would a moving portrait be that does not define individuals within the rigid framework of the social norm?

Sunlit Portion of Domestication

In the face of the Corona pandemic, people all over the world suddenly withdrew into their own four walls and division-ridden public life grew silent. Our mobile, digital society was forced back into the home. In ‘Sunlit Portion of Domestication’ we observe two inhabitants of an empty space who occupy it in an installation-style performance.

trans luz / Ojeoje, Transluzente Absätze
Barbara Posch

In dem Kreisen um Logistik, Transparenz und Opazität ist neben der mehrteiligen Skulptur (trans luz) auch ein Text (Ojeoje, Transluzente Absätze) entstanden. Beide Formen/Arbeiten gehen vom Material aus.

Corona Rebellen
Zauri Matikashvili

Since the spring of 2020, ‘corona rebels’ have been meeting weekly in many German cities to protest measures intended to contain the pandemic. Their rallies attract not only esoterics and followers of Jesus, Gandhi or Mandela, but also conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists. The Imperial War Flag flies alongside the rainbow flag; hippies in brightly coloured robes dance barefoot next to neo-Nazis dressed in black.