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#Takeover: Ost-West-AG in the WerkStadt
Bettina Schiel, Bettina Grahs, Elisa Ueberschär, Tanja Krone, Eva Lochner & Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs

Under the motto ›Earth and Body: One must stay outside‹ the East-West-AG meets from March 23-27 in the WerkStadt and forges a tunnel between structural change and structural interruption with different tools (including artistic ones) and visitors.

Second letter from Sophie De Somere & Barbara Raes

In the light of human finitude and the universal need to search for solace, with the interactive performance ›I listen‹ Sophie De Sommere and Barbara Raes are trying to bring the most modest form of consolation into the city. In their second letter, they are giving an insight into the idea behind the performance.

Anne Nguyen: À mon bel amour / Emotions - Phrases - Masques

Anne Nguyen moves fluently between the boundaries of diverse dance styles and combines them with casual elegance. In ›À mon bel amour‹, which would have been presented at PACT in March, the French-Vietnamese choreographer questions perceptions of the individual, the couple and the collective, of identity and beauty. The production brings different urban dance styles including Voguing, Waacking, Popping, Locking and Krump into mesmerising interaction with classical and contemporary dance.
For #pactconnected, Anne Nguyen has now compiled a glossary of urban dance styles and shared three video sequences of her work.

Kat Válastur: Arcana Swarm

This video is an attempt to bring to the surface the emotional core of ›Arcana Swan‹ and the thread that traverses it. ›Arcana Swan‹ is a work about the state of humanity today and an allegory of humanity.

Ingrid LaFleur: Breathing in Blackness – Temporal Dimensions of Utopia

In her lecture ›Breathing in Blackness: Temporal Dimensions of Utopia‹ in the framework of IMPACT19, La Fleur investigated the notion of utopia within Afrofuturism in an attempt to examine how Black bodies can access, build and evolve their safe spaces.

fieldworks portrait - Documentary

fieldworks portrait (documentary) is a film by Belgian film maker Klaas Boelen. It was shot during the preparations and happenings of fieldworks portrait, a three-day performative exhibition devoted to the work of Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki that was held at PACT in June 2018.

Michiel Vandevelde: ›Ends of Worlds‹

In his work ›Ends of Worlds‹, which Vandevelde would have shown at PACT in May, the choreographer looks into a distant and yet uncomfortably near future. For #PACTconnected, he has now made a video in which he revisits the epilogue of the performance.

›Ends of Worlds‹ takes place in the year 2300. The date marks year zero for reproduced homo sapiens informed by the algorithmic memories and patterns of the past. Their dances and choreographies bring to mind fragments that have survived the past - moments of historical catastrophes, collective traumas as well as the legacies of choreographers from the recent history of western modern and contemporary dance

Boglárka Börcsök: ›The Art of Movement‹

›THE ART OF MOVEMENT‹ is a sensual and insightful film about three elderly dancers from Budapest. Irén, Éva and Ágnes - all between 90 and 100 years old – were once part of the early modern dance movement in Hungary.

Taking on the roles of both dance student and dialogue partner, Boglárka retraces how each of these elderly dancers transformed their lives and movement practices in order to survive the major socio-political changes of the last century.

Flora Détraz: On ›Muyte Maker‹

In her video, choreographer Flora Détraz offers us a closer, more intimate insight into her work ›Muyte Maker‹, which she would have presented at PACT during our Spring Festival 2020: She shares her influences and sketches, designs for both the choreography and singing, as well as models in art history that inspired her production’s fulminant setting.