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Eszter Salamon about ›MONUMENT 0.6: HETEROCHRONIE / Palermo 1599 - 1920‹

›HETEROCHRONIE / Palermo 1599 - 1920‹, made with eight performers, celebrates its world premiere at PACT. Strengthening the path she explores through her ›Monuments‹ series, Eszter Salamon creates on stage an imaginary field between the past and the present, bringing together traces of Sicilian musical archives, choreographed sensations inspired by the mummification rituals of the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo and historical references to the Sicilian revolution of 1848. Eszter Salamon talked to Bojana Cvejić about the piece...

›Blue Skies / Bodies in Trouble‹

Mit dem wachsenden Einfluss der Technologie auf das Leben verändern sich unsere Körper, unsere Gemeinschaften und unsere Umwelt – was tun? Fabian Saavedra-Lara (Leiter, Büro und Stefan Hilterhaus (Künstlerischer Leiter, PACT Zollverein) geben erste Einblicke in das Festival ›Blue Skies / Bodies in Trouble‹, das vom 10. bis zum 14. Juli bei PACT Zollverein stattfindet.

Alma Söderberg on ›Entangled Phrases‹ (March 08 & 09 at PACT)

Calm perfectionism, poetic precision and sensual lightness characterize the works of Alma Söderberg, who most recently presented the world premiere of her solo ›Deep Etude‹ at PACT. In her latest work ›Entangled Phrases‹ she now continues her exploration of sound and movement, polyrhythm and polyphony through an axiomatic practice of 'listening to movement‘.

Alexandra Bachzetsis on ›Escape Act‹ at PACT Zollverein

How do we evaluate what is real and what is not? And to what extent is everyday life a performance? In the age of mass produced visual media and steadfast obsession with preserving the youthful body, it is almost impossible to distinguish between appearance and existence. In her latest work ›Escape Act‹, Alexandra Bachzetsis turns her attention with subtle irony to the construction of authenticity and investigates its manifestations in everyday and pop culture.

Interview towards the project ›Whistle While You Work‹

We talked to Robyn Doty und Frances Chiaverini who initiated the project ›Whistle While You Work‹, a social justice project bringing awareness to sexism and abuses of power in the fields of dance and performance.

Fang Yun Lo & Hanna Linn Ernst about ›UNSOLVED‹ at PACT Zollverein

Taking an existing Taiwanese family home as their departure point, choreographer Fang Yun Lo and her artistic association Polymer DMT contemplate the construction of cultural identity and its ephemerality within both personal and broader political contexts. At the interview Fang Yun Lo & Hanna Linn Ernst talk about the creation and realisation of their premiere of ›UNSOLVED‹ at PACT.

fieldworks about fieldworks

Unsere Kollaboration (Avdal & Shinozaki) begann 1996. Unser erstes Duett wurde am Dixon Place in New York konzipiert und gezeigt. Wir haben bis heute mehr als 20 Tanzprojekte auf die Bühne gebracht.

Alma Söderberg about ›Deep Etude‹ at PACT Zollverein

In ›Deep Etude‹, the Swedish choreographer and singer Alma Söderberg develops an in-depth study of the embodiment of rhythm centring around the idea of polyrhythm. By layering recorded electronic sounds, live voice and dance, she creates a complex composition in which our perceptions of listening and viewing seem to be inextricably linked. As movement and sound exchange roles, the foreground and background shift, the dance becomes the music’s backtrack while the movement excavates the sound and brings it to the surface. ›Deep Etude‹ is a fascinating study of synergies, a composition of physical practices, a multilayered object distilled from skills.

Tanz muss nicht immer Bewegung sein

Xavier Le Roy ist erneut zur Tanzplattform eingeladen, diesmal mit seinem Stück „Temporary Title, 2015“. Im Dezember arbeiteten er und sein Team bei PACT Zollverein weiter am Projekt „Low Pieces“, das 2010 uraufgeführt wurde. TPF-Bloggerin Laura Biewald hat die Gelegenheit genutzt und den aus Frankreich stammenden und in Berlin lebenden Choreographen in einer Mittagspause zum Interview getroffen. Im Video erzählt Xavier Le Roy, was ihn am menschlichen Körper fasziniert, warum sich sein Stück nicht einfach konsumieren lässt und was ihn am Format der Tanzplattform stört.