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The all female Urban Dance Collective deals with their identity as women – in everyday life as well as in the dance world.

SOUND ON VOL. 1 - Interview

Die WerkStadt hat sich mit Allison, Philine und Elisha getroffen und mit ihnen darüber gesprochen, welche Rolle Musik in ihrem Leben spielt, mit welchen Künstler:innen sie gerne einmal zusammen arbeiten würden und was sie von der Teilnahme an SOUND ON mitnehmen konnten. Die junge Musik- und Medienakademie fand im Februar 2020 mit Workshops zu Songwriting, Producing, DJ-ing und Social Media statt.

Interview mit Mette Ingvartsen im Missy Magazine

Was hat dich zu ›Moving In Concert‹ inspiriert?
Mein Interesse galt der Verbindung von Technologie und Abstraktion. Die Idee, mit technologischen Erweiterungen zu arbeiten, hat den Körper automatisch in ein Netzwerk von nicht-menschlichen Beziehungen eingeführt.

Mother of All Fictions
Interview with Walter Solon

The short film ›Mother of All Fictions‹ is the story of a failed film project. 2016: South American filmmaker Walter Solon travels to Los Angeles. His goal is to write a script based on the biography and mythology around his great aunt Lina Mosebach. Lina had migrated to Los Angeles from Germany after surviving the Holocaust and spending her teenage years with Walter’s great grandparents in South America.


During the residency of Kötter/Israel/Limberg working on ›landscapes and bodies‹, Daniel Kötter gives insights into the research and rehearsal process concerning the cases ›Water‹ and ›Coltane‹ (in German).

Making Of: Kate McIntosh on ›To Speak Light Pours Out‹

Starting from the bodily pleasure of beats and the energy of voices, ›To Speak Light Pours Out‹ is a collaboration between several composers, writers and performers to create a space that vibrates with anger, celebration and joy and calls out to the lust for transformation, resistance, and new shapes of being. During the rehearsals Kate McIntosh talked to us about the idea behind the piece, the meaning of the title and the art of listening.

Meg Stuart

During her residency Meg Stuart talked to us about her new work, the collaboration with the performers and the changes and new perspectives brought about by Covid-19.

Eszter Salamon about ›MONUMENT 0.6: HETEROCHRONIE / Palermo 1599 - 1920‹

›HETEROCHRONIE / Palermo 1599 - 1920‹, made with eight performers, celebrates its world premiere at PACT. Strengthening the path she explores through her ›Monuments‹ series, Eszter Salamon creates on stage an imaginary field between the past and the present, bringing together traces of Sicilian musical archives, choreographed sensations inspired by the mummification rituals of the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo and historical references to the Sicilian revolution of 1848. Eszter Salamon talked to Bojana Cvejić about the piece...

Meet Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere / IMPACT 19 - Weaving Traces

Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere were part of IMPACT 19 - Weaving Traces. The transdisciplinary symposium invited positions which, through very different practices, initiatives and actions expose interventions and discrimination in the political sphere, in urban and island structures, in ecological contexts, as well as in the body.