Silvia Munzón López & Barbara Cleff


Silvia Munzón López: Schlafsymphonie 24

In her exploration, Silvia Munzón López addresses the rhythmic consonance of behavior asleep and awake. She examines the discrepancy between resting bodies and inner unrest, which is in evidence for example in people with sleeping disturbances. How does our inner clock synchronize with the permanent excessive stimuli to which we are exposed?

Barbara Cleff: Horizontal Bodies

In the ›Horizontal Bodies‹ research project choreographer Barbara Cleff searches for positions and stances on the topic of reclining. Fascinated by the body as sculpture, she goes hunting for traces, and this takes her deep into art and cultural history.

Insights into the #TakeCareResidency of Silvia Munzón López

Insights into the #TakeCareResidency of Barbara Cleff

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