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As part of ›Politics of the Machines‹

On Stage Discourse

What spheres exist beyond the dividing lines of the living and non-living? What relationships, and realms of possibility emerge between technologies and artistic practices?

In a transdisciplinary program featuring lectures, discussions, installations, and performances, ›‹ interrogated the boundaries between machines, objects, and biological systems. Six artistic perspectives offered insights into their works, which delve into techno-social interactions, historical and advanced technologies, hybrid bodily experiences, as well as diverse interfaces between humans and machines. Over the course of two evenings, visitors could engage with pre-Columbian knotting techniques, knitting machines, and virtual reality, experience various robotic beings, or listen to the sounds of the Earth's atmosphere.

The event at PACT has been developed by the Käte Hamburger Kolleg: Cultures of Research (c:o/re) | RWTH Aachen and PACT Zollverein in the context of the conference series ›Politics of the Machines‹. This series is dedicated to exploring how machines and technology influence artistic and cultural production as well as our perception of the world.

Under the title ›Lifelikeness & beyond‹, c:o/re | RWTH Aachen hosted the 4th edition from 22. – 26.04.2024.

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