Marie-Lena Kaiser & Josephine Kalies & Verena Hahn


Marie-Lena Kaiser: Relevanter Körper

In the residency, the choreographer explores the concept of system relevance, which has been repeatedly thematized in the context of the Corona pandemic. In her work, in which she deals with themes such as authority and autonomy, she searches for the means to describe and analyze whether certain social moments are merely reproduced or whether they can possibly be subject to critical debate.

Josephine Kalies: Beschreiben des Ungreifbaren, Bestärken des Unsichtbaren

During the residency, Josephine Kalies concerned herself by means of physical encounters and scientific study with the tangibility and systems relevance of dance. Together with choreographer Marie-Lena Kaiser she investigates how the abstract and fleeting qualities of this form of art can be couched in language, contextualized and rendered fruitful for new visual formats.


The research project was supported by Verena Hahn:

Verena Hahn works in the fields of experimental documentary film and artistic research. The focus is on the encounter of different lifestyles that are becoming increasingly polarised in the current culture of public debate.

Insights into the #TakeCareResidency of Marie-Lena Kaiser & Josephine Kalies & Verena Hahn

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