Landing Day
Stefania Smolkina


The video installation ›Landing Day‹ deals with the symbolic meaning of planting trees. This ritual act is often seen as a symbol of peace and beauty and is therefore remarkably often used as an element of political representation. During the last decades the idea of large-scale planting of trees became widely accepted as a simple, relatively inexpensive and effective method of combating global warming. The Russian verb “planting” does not just mean putting a plant in the ground to grow, but also to put someone in a position, to arrest someone or put someone in jail.

The work was available during ATELIER No. 64 from Nov 20 - 22, 2020.


Stefania Smolkina is a visual artist born in Leningrad who currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. In her textile objects, films and audio-visual installations she deals with the topography of remembering, which hints at the gaps in history, as well as with alienation, position and belonging in a society. She studied Art Textiles in Saint Petersburg and is studying at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.