JUNCTIONS21: Unearthing Memories, Feeding Practices for Plural Knowledges and Beings
Eliana Otto, Imaya Caceres, Vasilikí Sifostratoudaki & Nuno Cassola


In this research the artists Eliana OttoImaya CaceresVasilikí Sifostratoudaki & Nuno Cassola go after disregarded and untold stories. How can transdisciplinary approaches to art help us to reimagine human and more-than-human relationalities to respond to the current socio-ecological crisis? How might collaborative forms of art-making create fertile vocabularies and ways of storytelling to transform anthro-eurocentric paradigms that are shaped through oppositional dichotomies and excluding frontiers? Being constituted by a plurality of modernity exceeding worlds, and aware of our modern inheritances, the artists engage in explorations to cultivate plural value-ecologies of living with others on Earth.