Volkhard Guist

Having first studied sport, Rumania born Volkhard Guist trained in dance at the Arnhem Academy of Art. Following engagements with Introdance and Rogie & Company in Holland, he returned to Germany to dance with the state theatre Companies in Giessen and Heidelberg. He has worked with choreographers including Roberto Galvan, Irina Pauls, Rui Horta, Daniela Kurz, Hans van Manen, Piet Rogie and Conny Janssen. Since 2002 he has been freelancing as a dancer with Vera Sander as well as acting in theatre productions by co labs Nürnberg. He teaches contemporary dance in Nürnberg, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Erfurt and in Holland. His spiral-dynamic class draws closely on the music and integrates elements from release and yoga.
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