Torsten Schiz

... was born in 1972 and since the age of fifteen has studied various forms of the martial arts and Yang-Style Taiji Quan, which he now teaches in its traditional form following the style of the great master Yang Zhenduo. He is a personal student of master Ma Jiangbao, a fourth generation practitioner of the traditional Wu family style who has appointed him as an official teacher of the European Association For Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan. In addition to this he works as an international lecturer, presenter, organiser and director of training courses and seminars as well as an independent author.Taichi is a Chinese martial art based on taoist principles. It builds on the three fundamental aspects of form, pushhands and theory. The form exercises the body and reinforces the constitution through precisely performed movements that expand naturally through the joints without strength and in a calm manner. Pushhands (partner exercise) relates to applications of the form. It follows the taichi way of stillness and quietness using the subtle change between empty and full for its application. It is concerned with both psychology and mechanics. The theory of taichi brings together the accumulated experience of former generations and is the essential guiding aspect of the practice of taichi. Wu Style Tai Chi Chu'an is one of the 3 major styles of Tai Chi Chu'an. The others are Yang and Chen.
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