Susanne Berggren

Susanne Berggren, choreographer (Sweden) together with Ulrike Steinbrenner, philosopher, dramaturg (Germany) Mart Kangro, performer (Estonia) Ulrika Wedin, performer (Sweden) Alexandre Roccoli, performer (France) Christine De Smedt, performer (Belgium) Susanne Berggren was born in Borås, Sweden 1971. She started her dance-training at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and completed a diploma at Balettakademien in Stockholm in 1996. She has worked as a dancer with many different choreographers in Sweden and elsewhere in the genres musical, contemporary dance, film, and performance.

Since two years she has been based in both Stockholm and Berlin, and is currently working with Xavier Le Roy and Eszter Salamon. As a choreographer she has collaborated with artists from various artistic backgrounds, worked in different formats and presented her work in different contexts. Collaborators include Maria Friberg, visual artist, Mikael Stavöstrand (mitek), composer, Marta Oldenburg, performer, Elin Strand, visual artist and architect, KREV (Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland), Malin Johansson, restaurant director and event curator. Venues include Fylkingen, Stockholm, Pop-music festival Lollipop, Stockholm, Gallery Tomas Nordanstad, New York, Modern Museum of Art, Stockholm, Art Genda, Helsinki, Restaurant Bonden, Stockholm, Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm and various clubs in Stockholm and Europe. In Stockholm she has organised festivals and performance-events, and has created platforms for artistic work for young people.

She also worked as a teacher in theatre and dance-educations. Currently she is working in the structure of Unstable Society Of Flexible Production, with 3 pieces: "Mothertounge", a video-installation in collaboration with Elin Strand, "Speaking Bernina" a performance in collaboration with Fridjon Rafnsson, Elin Strand and Christine DeSmedt, and "Constructions&Creations etc" a choreography for the stage, with approx. 6 participants. "Constructions&Creations etc" is currently being developed in residency at PACT Zollverein. It was chosen as a Swedish project for WEB-Europe 2005 and will be presented at HAU, Berlin and Kulturhuset, Stockholm in fall 2005. Most recently, the video "Der Hörnermann", in collaboration with Michael Walter, was presented in the framework of EURASIA at HAU II, Berlin, in November 2004, as well as "Hymnen" in collaboration with Eva Meyer-Keller and Michael Walter. Supported by Konstnärsnämnden, scen och film, Sweden Statens Kulturråd, Sweden, WEB-Europe

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