Sören Lang

..Sören Lang began studying Film/Television at the Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Sciences in 1999. He specialises in documentary and experimental film and has worked since 1998 as a camera assistant and cameraman. Filmography:"Hertha Junxx" (2002) Documentary, 30 min., Mini-DV / DV-Cam, Camera, direction, editing FH-Trailer "moving obscura" (2002) Experimental film, 41 sec., 35mm, colour. Camera, direction, editing Festival Trailer "Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet" (2002), 90 sec., 35 mm, colour. Camera "Here's to my Love" (2001), short film, 6 min., 16 mm, colour, Camera "Klagelaute" (2000), short film 5 min., 16mm, colour, Camera, direction, editing "Sehnsucht" (1999), short film, 11 min., Mini-DV, Camera, direction, editing "Die Farbe des Windes" (1999), short film, 4 min, Mini-DV, Camera, direction Other projects

Involved since 1999 in more than ten student films working as a camera assistant as well as a lighting and sound technician. Films include: "Kleine Sünden" (2001) S16mm, KHM Köln, Camera assistant "Wejtka" (2001) 35mm, HFF Babelsberg, Camera tracking, lighting "An einem schönen Tag" (2001) 35mm, HFF Babelsberg, Camera tracking, lighting "Repro", 35mm/16mm, (2000) 35mm, FH-Dortmund, Sound
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