SchneidersLaden (SchneidersShop)

Sounds from synthesizers are now heard more often in modern music than guitars or pianos. Today, hardly anyone knows where these sounds come from. That's why SchneidersLaden from Berlin has been explaining for more than 20 years what modular systems are and how they work. The successful and worldwide imitated specialist shop is a place for all those who experiment with electronic sounds and music. Customers from all over the world rely on Mr. Schneider and his employees knowing what works and getting what they need - true to the motto: "don't buy crap". Tom Koerting, a product expert from SchneidersLaden, and Sacha Ketterlin, a modular system artist, will jointly illuminate the material from their different individual perspectives during the NOW Festival at PACT.

To date at PACT
  • Sun 27.10.19 17 h

SchneidersLaden (SchneidersShop)
Interactive moderated concert with synthesizers

Free admission