rabbit hole corporation / Gilles Fumba / Kajsa Sandstrom / Domenico Giustino

Gilles Fumba (Burundi/Belgium) Kajsa Sandstrom (Sweden) Domenico Giustino (Italy) rabbit hole corporation We are a trio with a flat structure, i.e. we insist that there isn't one leader or name associated with the group - even the word "company" is left out to insist on a new way of perceiving young artists that work in collective forms. We are Gilles Fumba (Burundi/Belgium) Kajsa Sandstrom (Sweden) Domenico Giustino (Italy) We are all P.A.R.T.S. graduates, and while finishing the school we made a 25 minute performance, "rabbit hole", incorporating 2 video works made in a brick factory in Flanders. We have now begun research for a new installment of physical and video material. The working title is "rabbit hole (version 2.0)". Like the software programs which encrypt all facets of our lives, we plan to "upgrade". We will be using the resources of PACT Zollverein as well as the Kokerei site (former coking plant) to continue finding links between our medium of dance and the virtual medium of video. The project continues our studies on perception, the relation of media to the body, the copy and the original, the systematic loss of logic and sense in Alice in Wonderland (guided by Gilles Deleuze), and how the virtual world of representation has itself now become invisible as image-consumption is the norm.
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