Michael Turinsky

Michael Turinsky is a choreographer, performer and theoretician whose work engages extensively with the specific phenomenology of the body labeled as “disabled”, its specific being-in-the-world, its relationship to temporality and rhythm, affect and affect production, gender and sexuality, visibility and invisibility. Equally, he also actively contributes to current discourses around the productive tension between politics and aesthetics. Michael Turinsky studied philosophy at the University of Vienna from 1998 to 2005. As a performer he has collaborated with artists including Bert Gstettner, Barbara Kraus, Doris Uhlich, Claire Vivianne Sobottke and Teresa Vittucci. His own main choreographic works include ›Heteronomous male‹ (2012), ›My body, your pleasure‹ (2014), ›Second Skin - Turn the beat around‹ (2016), ›Second Skin - Master of Ceremony‹ (2016) and ›REVERBERATIONS‹ (2018). His collaboration with Doris Uhlich, ›Ravemachine‹, was awarded the Nestroy Special Prize in 2017 and his latest Solo ›Precarious Moves‹, the Nestroy Prize 2022. Michael Turinsky is also active as a lecturer, workshop leader and contributor to various journals and magazines.

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