Micha Purucker

Dance to me is part of the nonverbal culture - it's about resonant spaces and not explainable knowledge".Thematically orientated on the base parameters of body, place, identity and environment and working in a large variety of disciplines, Micha Purucker has created a host of diverse works: solo as well and group choreographies for up to 25 dancers, video works, 16mm and S8 films, installations, objects, photographs and drawings and network projects. Over the years Purucker's work has revealed a wealth of possibilities in directing and movement and has been recognized with numerous prizes, residencies and nominations: Förderpreis München für Interpretierende Kunst, CNDC Angers, ARC Romainmoitiers, CNN Belfort, Répérages Lissabon, Förderpreis Tanz München, nominee Bagnolet, choreographer in residence Luzern, Korean National University of Arts, Rheintanzmedia-Sonderpreis der Jury (jointly with Stephanie Thiersch).

Since 1990, Purucker directs Dance Energy (DE) in Munich and, since 2001, is the co-director of Laboratory Dance Projects (LDP) in Seoul with Lee San-gun.

"Every performance is a situated experiment; every artistic process is a principle and, of necessity, an open endeavor that first has to find its own particular presentation form, place and media".

For a full list of Micha Purucker's work see: www.stimulatedidentities.de
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