Marta Pietruszka

The dancer and choreographer, Marta Pietruszka, was born in Dukla in Poland. She trained at the Academy of Dance Education in Krakow and also studied modern dance, classical ballet and Butoh at the "Dance Theatre Kontrast", the "Modern Dance Studio EST" and the "Salisian Dance Theater". She has worked with choreographers, Jacek Tomasik, Anna Gawel, Inessa Maloniczewa, Linda Calwell, Karen Studd, James Leo Neirinck, Suzanne Grace, Shane O'Hara, Cynthia Thompson, Kate Trammell, Christina Marie Sears und Katrina Van Zee and qualified as a dance teacher under Vincent Cacialano, Louise Kluxbull, Jacel Luminski, Mark Haim, Maida Withers, Sam Cost, Melissa Monteros, Joe Alter, Frank Händler, Diane Elshout, Sebastian Prantil, Dorota Kedzior, Vicky Shick, Christine Brunel, Wendel Beavers, Karen Studd, Kalman Ferrenz. She has danced with the Bucklein Theatre (Krakow), EST (Krakow) and STU Theater (Krakow) and in 2000 won first prize in the solo category at the "8th International presentation of modern dance" in Kalisz. Alongside working as a teacher and choreographic assistant at the Modern Dance Studio Est, she has choreographed her own solos including "Strange States of Mind" (1996) and "Either me or me" (1998).
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