Mark Sieczkarek

… was born in Inverness, Scotland, and studied at the Royal Ballet School in London. He danced with the Scapino Ballet in Amsterdam and the Penat Theater in Rotterdam before joining Tanztheater Wuppertal where he performed for three years. He has worked as a freelance choreographer since 1988 and choreographed "September Moon" (1988), "Return to Sender" (1990) and "Easy to Love" (1993) for the Folkwang Tanzstudio under the direction of Pina Bausch and, also between 1988 and 1991, the solos "Forbidden Fruit" (1989) and "Wohl ist sie schön, die Welt" (1990) and the duo "Light to Light" (1991).For the dance department at the Folkwang Academy he choreographed "Tutú" and "Funky Drummer" in 1995 and 1996 respectively. In 1995 he also created his highly successful production "Drops of Rain in Perfect Days of June". In 1996 he received a sponsorship award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. He collaborated with the Choreographic Centre NRW for the first time in 1997 for the premier of his production "Red Hot" at Zeche Zollverein. In 1998 he founded his own company and created "Sign of the times" in a co-production with the Tanzhaus NRW. Today he still continues to work closely with the Tanzhaus NRW where produced his recent choreography "Home-thoughts from abroad" (1999).
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Mark Sieczkarek