Manon Santkin

... born in Belgium in 1982 graduated form P.A.R.T.S. in 2004 and now lives and works in Brussels. Over the last three years she has focused on creating her own projects, while also performing and collaborating with other artists. She has a particular interest in investigating different aspects of performativity, questioning dance from a point of view close to semiology and searching for an appropriate frame of presentation specific to each project. She is also intrigued by contemporary visual art, both as a source of reflection and as a medium dealing with the body(ies), organic and social. She has worked in close collaboration on projects with Mette Ingvartsen and performs in Manual Focus (2003), Out of Order (2004) and To Come (2005). She is also currently performing with Salva Sanchis in the ongoing collaborative project double trio (2005) and has further collaborations planned with him for 2006.During their residency at PACT Zollverein, Manon Santkin and Mannès look into issues of representation, copying, cloning, individuality and - what they call 'the paradox of a copied singularity'. One of their focuses is on clothes: Bodies inside clothes, clothes around bodies, clothes as bodies, bodies as fabric and material. Inspired by the performance works of Vanessa Beecroft, Manon and Leslie aim to work with a certain economy of action.
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