Jens Thomas

… is a singer/song writer, performer, composer and improviser. He studied piano (jazz and classical) with Dieter Glawischnig at the Musikhochschule Hamburg. Since 1996, he gives concerts in Europe and abroad, holds improvisation workshops around the globe for the Goethe Institution and has released numerous recordings. He has been invited to appear at many festivals and awarded prizes including The International Jazz Prize Nürnberg and the SWR Jazz Prize. In 2003 he worked for the first time in the theatre as both jazz pianist and singer in a production of Othello directed by Luk Perceval at the Münchner Kammerspielen and in Clavigo directed by Elmar Goerden at the Bayerischen Staatsschauspiel in 2004. He was subsequently appointed artist in residence at the Schauspielhaus Bochum where he has since developed his concert series Piano Voices and composed stage music.
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