Jenny Haack

... ,born in 1971, studied modern German literature, Romance language and literature and English in Margburg from 1991-94 and then art, performance and video at the HBK in Braunschweig and contemporary dance at Bewegungsart in Freiburg. Since 1995 she's danced in various productions by choreographers including Suzy Blok, Marc Ates, Martin Sonderkamp and Anzu Furukawa. Some of her own works are developed in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. Since 1994 she's created, amongst others, "Wracki" (1994) with Uli Ertl, "Plankton" (1995) with a music quintet and "Sibirien" (1996) with a performance duo and cellist. As artist in residence, she collaborated with the Artblau Tanzwerkstatt in Braunschweig between 1999 and 2002. Inspired by visual media, Jenny's been experimenting since 2001 with connecting and overlaying dance and video. Her work "Auge am Körper" was created in this context in 2003. She was awarded a scholarship for the year 2003 by "Kloster- und Studienfonds" as well as a working scholarship from the NORDLB Foundation.
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