Jenni Kivelä

... studied dance at the Helsinki Dance School, the Tanssivintti Dance School and the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. She has danced regularly since 1997 for choreographers including Anzu Furukawa, Tomi Kitti and Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo. She made her first own choreography "Piina, Pinka, Paisu ja Pari" for a quintet of dancers in 1999. Since then she's choreographed solos and ensemble pieces including "Jupiter and Europe" (2000, The Lutheran Cathedrals crypt), "Flowers - Flower Arrangements" (2002, Zodiak Full Moon Dance Festival) and "Spy called Harri" (2003, Hurjaruuth).The Zodiak Centre for New Dance in Helsinki has appointed Jenni Kivelä Choreographer in Residence for a two year period starting in January 2004.
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