Ioannis Mandafounis

Ioannis Mandafounis (GR) was born in Athens and studied dance at the Conservatoire de Paris. Before becoming a freelance Choreographer, he was a member of the Gothenburg Opera Ballet, the Nederlands Dans Theater II and in 2005 joined the Forsythe Company where he still works regularly as a guest artist. In 2004 he formed the ›Lemurius Company‹ in Athens with which he created and presented several works for festivals including the Kalamata International Festival and the Athens Dance Festival.In collaboration with Fabrice Mazliah he created the duet ›P.A.D.‹ produced by the Athens Festival in 2007 and ›HUE‹ produced by the Forsythe Company for the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt and shown at several festivals in Europe. Together with May Zarhy (IL) and Fabrice Mazliah (CH) and he co-created ›Zero‹ in 2009 and ›Cover Up‹ in 2011.
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