Gordon Monahan

Composer and sound artist Gordon Monahan’s works for piano, loudspeakers, video, kinetic sculpture, and computer-controlled sound environments span various genres from avant-garde concert music to multi-media installation and sound art. Known for juxtaposing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of natural acoustical phenomena with elements of media technology, environment, architecture, popular culture, and live performance, he has performed and exhibited since 1978 at museums, galleries, performance venues and festivals including the Venice Biennale, Haus der Kunst (Munich) and The Kitchen (New York).Beginning in the late 1970's, he created sound works using elements of natural forces and the environment, including ›Long Aeloian Piano‹ (1984-88), ›Aquaeolian Whirlpool‹ (1990) and ›Spontaneously Harmonious in Certain Kinds of Weather‹ (1996).  During the 1990's he developed an ensemble of multi-functional computer-controlled sound-machines which undergo various transformations in performance and installation environments.

His interest in 'hi- and lo-tech' and 'high and low culture' led him to collaborate with Laura Kikauka and Bastiaan Maris in Berlin where he also led the group Fuzzy Love from 2000 until 2004. His more recent works include multi-channel sound installations ›Theremin Pendulum‹ (2008) and ›Gamelan Klavier‹ (2009).

Gordon Monahan is the recipient of numerous prizes, awards and commissions including First Prize at the 1984 CBC National Radio Competition for Young Composers and the Canadian Governor-General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2013.
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Gordon Monahan
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