Fiona Cameron

After Graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts, Fiona joined the Expressions Dance In Education touring company. In 1993, Fiona moved to Geneva where she worked with ALIAS Compagnie for two years, becoming Assistant Director, presenting the self-devised solo 'Beside Myself' in Lausanne. She worked in London with Turning World's Dance Theatre and co-created 'Blue' for Resolutions '95. Returning to Sydney, Fiona performed in Sydney Theatre Company's 'Medea', worked with Brett Daffy on a creative development project under the title 'DNA'. In 1997, she performed Lucy Guerin's 'Remote' and Garry Stewart's 'Fugly' with the One Extra Company. Fiona joined Chunky Move for Opera Australia's 'Iphigenie and Tauride' and has performed in 'Bonehead', 'fleshmeet', 'Bodyparts', 'Live Acts' and 'Export File'. Fiona's teaching credits include Bangarra, One Extra, Darc Swan, Opera Australia and the V.C.A.
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