Daniele Albanese

Dancer and choreographer, Daniele Albanese, was born in Italy in 1974. He trained as a ballet dancer and gymnast and graduated in 1997 from EDDC (European Dance Development Centre) in Arnhem (Holland). He studied with, amongst others, Steve Paxton, Eva Kackzag, Lisa Kraus and Benoit Lachambre. He has worked as a dancer in several productions in Italy with Company Blu, Corte Sconta, Ariella Vidach and Virgilio Sieni and abroad with Peter Pleyer, Tony Thatcher, Charlotte Zerbey, Martin Butler, Jennifer Lacey and Nigel Charnock. In addition to this, he has appeared at international theatres such as Die Werkstatt (Dusseldorf), PS 122 (New York) and Piccolo Teatro (Milano) and taken part in festivals including The Interna-tional Choreographic Competition (Groningen). In 2002 he founded the company Stalk with which he created performances including L'opera al nero, Grand duet, Broken Lapsus, Danza per delfino ucciso and Gin. In 2004 he began collaborating with the Neurophysiologist Elena Borra and together they created the project àrebours (a study on movement, senses, space and memory). Recently he showed his solo àrebours100 (Grezzo1) at the festival Fabbrica Europa in Italy and the International Electronic Art Festival, SESC Pompéia in Brazil.
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