Common Wallet

The Common Wallet is an initiative of 11 Brussels-based people who, since January 2018, live out of a common bank account. They wire all their individual income into the shared account, and each uses the money according to their needs, wishes and desires, no matter if it corresponds with the income they contributed or not. 

By detaching money from individual ownership, the Common Wallet participants question taboos and injustices within the current financial system. They look into exhausting behavioral patterns, loneliness and distrust that ones relationship with money could generate, and aim to convert money into an affective vector -  a means to enable listening, care,  transparency and even joy among people. 

Tiziana Penna lives and works in Brussels. She studied photography in Brussels. Since 2009, she works as production manager in the performing arts. She is a member of the Common Wallet since 2019.

Adva Zakai was born in Israel and lives in Brussels. Combining her background in dance and performance with the creation of participative, educational, and life practices. She is a part of the collectives Common Wallet, School Of Love and Co Post. She is teaching, studying, trying to never work alone and to never work too much.

Ingrid Vranken works as an independent dramaturg, curator and artist, and is a member of FoAM, a transdisciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life. Her curatorial and artistic practice focuses on enabling a systemic ecofeminist transition in the arts, through engaging with the knowledge and labor of other-than-human beings, and in particular plants. The collaborative project Common Wallet has shaped her daily life since 2018. Since the spring of 2020 she is part of the multi-voiced curatorial team of wpZimmer, a space for artistic development in Antwerp.

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Common Wallet
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Common Wallet
Practicing trust through money

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