Camilla Milena Fehér

Camilla Milena Feher lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam. She graduated at CODARTS, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Rotterdam, where she studied modern dance and choreography. In 2010 she finished her master of  arts (MA) Theater at DASARTS, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Amsterdam. She worked as a dancer/performer with various groups such as DE GASTEN KOMEN, RAZ, and collaborated with the collective PONI.BE ao. Which toured international. Camilla M. Feher created performances like KASPAR, DIE ARGONAUTEN, SOLAR PLEXUS and many more and initiated the pop-up collective Abraxas, which installed performances througout the city of Rotterdam on special locations.Camilla M. Feher works on the threshold of performance/dance & electronic music/ installation. In her performative works the focus lies on the live performance of electronic music and dance. Assemblages of objects, sonic choreographies evolve into a ‘Tanz der Dinge’ Sonic landscapes get initiated and inhabited. Choreography and composition become one. Camilla M. Feher forms a music-performance-duo with Sylvi Kretzschmar under the name of SKILLS.
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