Bernhardt Herbordt / Melanie Mohren

Bernhard Herbordt (1978) and Melanie Mohren (1979) are both from Giessen and currently studying at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen. They have collaborated together since 1999 on interdisciplinary projects, installations and sound installations, works for radio and theatre and site-specific-environments. Between 2001 und 2004 their works created include: looking for a small story, living in a small box, alibi n, placebo square, Kapital N.N. - Theaterhommage für Schauspieler und Elektronik sowie Patent: Night Flight. Herbordt/Mohren projects have been shown at the following festivals and venues: Diskurs-Festival, unidram Festival, Hessische Theatertage, Die Wüste Lebt - Festival, Plateaux Festival, IST Festival Amsterdam, Festival junger Talente Offenbach, Kampnagel Hamburg, Berliner Zimmer des Hebbel Am Ufer. Funded by a scholarship from the Film Foundation NRW they produced City Levels for radio in July 2004. They are currently working on their dissertation project Patent: Night Flight.
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