Ate Camilla Schell

... was born in Heidelberg and studied art at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, USA, and at the Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, before beginning to study singing at the Academy of Music in Stuttgart. She trained with Hildemarie Keim and Louisa Bosabalian as well as Günther Bauer-Schenk between 1992-1994. Following this she transferred to the Opera School in Karlsruhe where she absolved a master course with Judith Beckmann. Returning to Stuttgart she took a further master course with Klesie Kelly at the International Bach Academy. Professional engagements between 1990 und 1991 took her to the Landestheater Coburg as well the Staatstheater Mainz and to Stuttgart. She has been a member of the Anhaltischen Theater Dessau since 1995 and working with the Bauhaus Stage Workshop since 2001.
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