Ash Bulayev

Ash Bulayev, born in Kiev, Ukraine, is currently co-artistic director of While living in New York he founded Resistance Theater. He also has produced various original productions ranging from site-specific/multi-location work, interactive installations to dance/theatre projects in the U.S., Spain, Germany, Egypt and Greece, e.g. at the 11th Biennale in Athens (2003) and at Dock 11, Berlin (2004). His new work Invisible Cities 1.0 was presented at the Napoli Biennale in April 2005 and the Urban Festival, Croatia in September 2005. He is the project director of the trans-European project i-Map (Integration of Media And Art Performance) for 2005-2006. Amongst others, he has also worked with: the Wooster Group, Anne Bogart and SITI, and Bread and Puppet Theater.

Tzeni Argyriou, co-artistic director of, was born in Kavala, Greece. In Athens, while studying at the State School of Dance, she performed for Sine Qua Non Dance Company and Wrong Movement. She moved to New York in 1999 as an A. Onassis Foundation scholar and has since collaborated with Nina Winthrop and Chamecki Lerner, amongst others. As a choreographer she has presented her work in New York (NYC Fringe Festival 2002), Greece (Biennale 2003) and Germany (InteraktionsLabor, Göttelborn). Looking for Exit is her first film and was shot in Germany in July 2004.

Ioanna Tsinividi, is a digital filmmaker, collaborating with as a video dance cinematographer and editor. She completed her studies in Fine Arts (Campus School of Arts, Greece), Theory of Contemporary Art (Winchester School of Arts, UK) and Film Studies (New York University). She spent the following year directing and editing eight short films and a documentary on body percussionist, Camille Shuford. Hereafter she spent two more years in New York and worked with director Joshua Atesh Little for his latest documentary on the socio-political roots of African and Asian Hip Hop and collaborated with the NYC label A Round World Music Productions for the shooting and editing of music videos. With choreographers Ash Bulayev and Tzeni Argyriou she co-operated on the video editing of their performances in the 11th World Biennale 2003. After her return to Greece she wrote, directed and edited a documentary for Greek National TV.

2005: residency


i-MAP (Integration of Media Art and Performance)

i-MAP is a one-year interdisciplinary collaborative project of various media art organizations working on creating a streaming, telekinetic performance event. Four teams consisting of media artists, directors, choreographers, programmers, software developers, and performers, will simultaneously create a dramaturgical structure. They will integrate elements of interactive media and new technologies with live performance practices.

In September 2006, this performance/installation will be simultaneously presented in four venues in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The venues will have fully interactive capabilities, allowing for live control of media and creating a shared virtual environment. A complex platform solution for broadcasting of audio/video data, StreamStudio, developed by InterSpace Media Art Center (Sofia), will be specifically adapted for this purpose.

During the PACT residency, a first think-tank will take place, introducing all participants to the year's activities. The focus of this "seed" think-tank period will be to generate a range of diverse and shareable outcomes. Preliminary models and prototypes will be created.

Project participants: (Greece) -
Ash Bulayev (Project mangager), Tzeni Argyriou,
Ioanna Tinividi, Stavros Gasparatos
De Waag (The Netherlands) -
Sher Doruff, Floor van Spaendonck
INTAKT (Germany) -
Dr. Johannes Birringer
InterSpace (Bulgaria) -
Galia Dimitrova

To date at PACT