Chronicle 2002 – 2022

Cover Zeitbuch
Photo: Anton Vichrov

The CHRONICLE serves as a logbook, capturing the history, programme and project initiatives of PACT Zollverein over the past two decades. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the publication sheds light on performances, collaborative projects across disciplines, and the contributions of artists and experts who, through their work, have played pivotal roles in shaping and co-creating the house over the years. Similarly, it attests to PACT’s deep and ongoing engagement with the pressing themes of contemporary society and underscores its commitment to addressing these issues comprehensively.

Performative questions intersect with visual arts, philosophy, science, and activism. Through a reciprocal, inspiring exchange with current discourses, unexpected artistic positions emerge alongside forward-thinking conceptual inquiries. The distinct atmosphere created by on-site encounters and exchanges among international guests at PACT is captured in numerous accompanying photographs. Consequently, the book encourages contemplation, inviting readers to explore its contents and skip around the pages to uncover valuable perspectives.

The CHRONICLE is the fourth part of the publication series ›Radical Proximity‹ released in 2022, which gathers significant insights from PACT's programme. The three previous volumes include interviews, essays, and visuals by influential figures, encouraging a deeper exploration of the artistic and thematic directions presented.

You can purchase the time book at events in our house and in our online shop (price 10€).

Ed. PACT Zollverein with Katharina Burkhardt and Hanna Gottschalk.