Wellington Gadelha: At Haunting’s Disposal
Film & Talk


Language: Brazilian sign language / Brazilian Portuguese / English subtitles

Afterwards: Artist Talk / Moderation: Lisa Tracy Michalik / Language: Brazilian Portuguese & English

Duration: ca 60 min (Film) & 45 min (Talk)

Stream (available until March 12):



»Here is a body, with a bicycle and a backpack, a messenger from the favela, travelling through a piece of deep Ceará, the old Northeast.« Wellington Gadelha is an ambassador of a surreal world. In it, the magical enables an escape from the reality of Brazilian favelas that is dominated by police violence, creating an empowering potential. The ambassador's task is to cross borders and reach the place in dreams that terror cannot touch. The ›manifesto of the dream‹ he brings with him becomes a political force for a vibrant society. As an artist and activist, Wellington Gadelha combines his body with old and new technologies as he campaigns for human rights and Black youth in Brazil.

He created the film in 2021 as part of the renowned festival Panorama Raft in Brazil. Along with many other international partners, PACT and HAU Hebbel am Ufer supported this edition so that the selected artists could realise their concepts despite the pandemic.

Folllowing the German premiere of Gadelha's film ›At Haunting's Disposal‹, he will participate in an online-talk with Lisa Tracy Michalik. Michalik is a media and cultural scientist and freelance journalist for publications such as Missy Magazine. Her writing addresses issues of racism and gender, drawing on her lived experience as a Black queer woman in Germany.

Concept: Wellington Gadelha / Editing: Kiko Alves / Camera: Priscilla Sousa, Roger Pires, Allan Diniz, Cacheado Braga, Coletivo.doisvetim / Drone images: Gustavo Portela / Sound design, soundtrack: Eric Barbosa / Digital Graphic Art, Augmented Reality: Kambô / Dramaturgical Interlocutor: Andréa Bardawil / Subtitling: Lívio Pereira / Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS): Samuel de Araújo

Production: Plataforma Afrontamento. Co-production: Centre national de la danse (CN D). Supported by: Porosus fonds de dotation. Streaming partnership with HAU Hebbel am Ufer