Brigitte Huezo, iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo and Beomseok Jeong


The project investigates the question of how dance portraits can be used to deal choreographically with queer concepts of identity. The classical portrait familiar to art historians is representation-oriented. What would a moving portrait be that does not define individuals within the rigid framework of the social norm? How can a smooth transition between dance and various media be effected? To what extent does each individual portrait consist of multiple identities? How can a "queer" portrait be created? The project not only encompasses a written analysis and record of human movement, but also makes use a mix of video, painting, drawing, audio, fashion design, 3D digital printing and photography. The choreography is adapted to different contexts: private and public spaces, social behaviour and the interactions of spectators, passers-by and residents.

The work was available during ATELIER No. 64 from Nov 20 - 22, 2020.

Choreography and artistic direction: Brigitte Huezo 
In collaboration with Performer iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo
Film and Editing: Beomseok Jeong
Costume Design: Kerima Elfaza 
Music and Sound Editing: Tim Pauli.

Music used
Amnesia Scanner, Oracle – AS Spectacult, El Gran Silencio – Chúntaros Style, Amnesia Scanner – AS Daemon, Sergei Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet (Op.64) Act 1: Dance Of The Knights (played by The Cleveland Orchestra) und Aisha Devi – Light Luxury.

Location: Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Brigitte Huezo is a Salvadorian dancer, performer and choreographer who currently lives in Cologne. Proceeding from dance, he/she deals with various media interfaces. His/her collaborations combine dance, drawing and film, focusing in a recent research project on the interplay of hybrid, non-binary identities and the classical genre of the portrait. As a performer, he/she has worked with Nick Mauss at the Museum Ludwig, Özlem Alkis and the Ida Y Vuelta Art Collective.

iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo  is a performer, choreographer and violinist from Ecuador who currently lives in Cologne. His/her interests are based on real-time composition and ‘durational practice’. He/she created such works as Doris’ Hand and She-saac. He/she has worked for Marina Abramovic, Oriantheatre, Cocoon Dance und Ensemble hand werk, among others. After earning a B.A in music at the HfMT Cologne and an M.A. in modern music at the Folkwang UdK, he/she is currently studying at the ZZT in Cologne.

Beomseok Jeong is a South Korean dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. He focuses on collaboration in various different dance styles. He works with the Compound Company of Aachen as a dancer and choreographer. He presented his pieces at the Koreas Tanz in Deutschland Festival in 2018 and 2019. He received the Audience Award for his solo performed at the 2019 SoloDuo Festival International. He is currently working as a filmmaker on projects of his own as well as numerous dance videos with different dancers.