Madeleine Böckers, Oliver Kuchenbuch and Justus Pötzsch: Life Science - Life Writing
Blue Skies – Bodies in Trouble

Blues Skies,

With: Madeleine Böckers | Oliver Kuchenbuch | Justus Pötzsch
Moderation: Laura Hille

How do new possibilities for human life that have been enabled by biomedical advances lead to marginal experiences? For example, how do people feel who are alive today thanks to reproductive medicine? The research training group of the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz ›Life Sciences, Life Writing: Borderline experiences of human life‹ is
situated between biomedical explanations and life experience. In short talks, three doctoral candidates offer individual insights into the focal aspects.

In the framework of: Blue Skies – Bodies in Trouble (10. – 14.07.2019) 
The growing impact of technology on life as we know it brings changes to our bodies, our communities and the environment—what can we do? How can we understand and shape these changes collectively? ›Blue Skies‹ is a festival series conceived to run over several years that invites us to think together. The first edition took place at PACT from July 10 to July 14 under the title ›Bodies in Trouble‹ encompassing performances and contemporary art works, panels, discussions and workshops.