JUNCTIONS21: Semantics of Modern Day Languages
Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas, Clarissa Aidar, Dario Srbic & Jere Ikongio


The project explores cross-continental approaches to knowledge transfer by tracing an object/land/site/event, investigating a space of contingencies, in which slippages might twist and recode meanings. It’s a collective questioning of how to blur the lines dividing past, present and future, living and nonliving/gone, personal/private and public/political, performance/life, the event and its aftermath, and the perception and the formulation of meaning. The aim is to investigate different approaches to the language and forms of communication that come to life from both environmental, physical and spiritual tracks of history, focused on an intense exchange that can allow for our different practices, processes and understandings to shapeshift as they start to reverberate into one another.