JUNCTIONS21: Environmental Identities at the Ocean Floor
Bruno Alves De Almeida & Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejanaro


›Environmental Identities at the Ocean Floor‹ weaves together two ongoing research threads. On the one hand, the investigation carried out in the project ›Environmental Identities‹ curated by Bruno Alves de Almeida, which delves into the co-defining relation between self, social identity and the natural environment in a world increasingly marked by unsustainable notions of humanity. And on the other hand, Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano’s artistic research, which proposes reflections on the territorial, social and ecological dimensions of digital technology, focused on the material and symbolic relationships between the internet and the ocean. Together they explore the forms of life and the flows of energy that thrive on the ocean floor, and their influence on our social and environmental identities on the planet’s terrestrial surface. The research focuses on scientific and theoretical discussions around Eurythenes Plasticus, a marine crustacean found at the deepest region of the Mariana Trench and on submarine cables, a deep-sea information infrastructure that increasingly mediates the virtual worlds we inhabit.